School-based Intervention

Therapists can provide intervention in the real world environment of preschools and schools, if there are enough children at any one preschool or school receiving therapy. This enables a higher level of generalisation of learnt skills and increased collaboration with classroom teachers. Children may be seen weekly or fortnightly. This intervention is usually parent funded, and occasionally school funded.

We currently service a number of schools in the greater Western area of Sydney and the Lower Blue Mountains district.


Parent funded intervention

With parent funded intervention we offer the same services as our clinic based intervention but in the school environment. Children are withdrawn, or seen in the classroom, for individual half-hour sessions. This environment provides opportunities for skill generalisation and closer collaboration with teachers.


School funded intervention

We work together with schools to provide individual or group intervention sessions.

Skills for Kids offers school-based group programs in schools including:

  • FIT FINGERS for children who are fumbling with fine motor skills.
  • BODY AWARE for students who are uncoordinated with gross motor skills.
  • HAND GYM for students who are messy with handwriting skills.
  • FRIENDLY THINKING for students who are struggling with social skills.
  • TERRIFIC THINKING for students who are ‘never focused…never ready’; children who have difficulty with attention and organisation.
  • LEARNING THROUGH THE SENSES for students who are overwhelmed by their sensory environment; children who need sensory processing strategies.

Each program can involve an in-service for teachers, assessment of children’s individual needs, implementation of the program and finally a reassessment of children’s progress and an evaluation. Classroom friendly resources are provided to the school as part of the program cost.

The program is:

  • targeted for students with specific support needs
  • led by an occupational therapist
  • implemented in consultation with classroom teachers
  • designed to empower teachers with specific strategies which support learning and participation
  • held for 2 hours once a week