At Skills for Kids we provide occupational therapy and speech language pathology intervention for children of all ages, from infants through to high school. Our intervention, based on best practice guidelines from current research, is targeted to children who have a difficulty with participation either at home, preschool or school. These children may have specific disabilities and disorders such as learning difficulty, developmental delay, intellectual impairment, dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and sensory processing disorder – or they may be children who do not have any kind of label. They are simply having a difficulty making a ‘just right fit’ with the expectations or demands of home and school. Our goal is to increase children’s independent participation in different parts of their lives.

Therapists begin work with a child by doing a short or comprehensive assessment, depending on the needs of the child and the choice of the family. The purpose of assessment is to identify strengths and difficulties and to determine a starting point for intervention. After assessment, intervention goals are set in collaboration with parents. The priority goal for intervention is to increase children’s successful participation in everyday activities through strong ongoing partnerships with both teachers and parents. The specific approach with each individual child will depend on assessment results and the age of the child. For some children, a play-based approach might be used. For some, a skills-based approach. For others, a sensory approach.

During intervention, therapists work with your child on a weekly or fortnightly basis for half hour or hour sessions, either at the clinic or at your child’s school. Therapists can provide intervention in the real world environment of preschools and schools, if there are enough children receiving our service at any one preschool or school. Therapists maintain regular communication between parents, teacher and other relevant health professionals so that we are all working in the same direction together with your child.

Speech language pathologists and occupational therapists are available for joint sessions if required. When children are being seen by one of our occupational therapists and speech language pathologists but at different sessions, the therapists discuss these shared children with each other in order to enable best intervention outcomes. When children are being seen by one of our therapists and also by someone from a different practice we value that partnership.

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