Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology for Kids

Skills for Kids provides a team approach to occupational therapy and speech language pathology services. Our commitment is to increasing the successful participation of children who experience difficulties with learning. We do this through:

Listening and relating
We listen to teachers, parents and children and seek to understand their needs.

We promote inclusion and aim to enable children to engage in their various roles (e.g. student, friend, sibling, son, daughter) with skill, enjoyment, satisfaction, and self-respect.

Providing professional excellence
We believe providing professional excellence through our assessment and intervention flows from understanding
– current evidence based research
– contexts in which a child lives, plays and works
– activities and routines in which children engage
– capacity of a child to perform required skills and abilities

Partnering with parents and teachers
We actively encourage teachers and parents to be our partners in every aspect of our work.

Skills for Kids also can provide additional services including:

  • Conferences / workshops / seminars
  • Mentoring to occupational therapists
  • Knowledge sharing with schools, increasing teacher capacity to meet the inclusive learning needs of students with executive functioning difficulties.

How we can help your child


From our Penrith clinic, we provide occupational therapy and speech language pathology services for children of all ages, from infants through to high school.

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From the real world environment of your child’s preschool or school, we can provide occupational therapy and speech language pathology services.

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Skills Camps

For intense intervention in a shared-learning or group context during every school holidays, we run a range of skills camps which each target a specific area.

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Assessments are conducted to identify if a child has a difficulty and if so, to uncover contributing causes. Assessment can be organised as a stand-alone, to commence intervention, or to provide documentation for technology funding, school programming or special provisions for examinations.

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Types of intervention we focus on

Skills Mastery

Teaching children the step by step process for learning skills – one step at a time.

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Executive Functioning

Teaching children how to use their thinking, how to use and apply cognitive strategies for participation and learning. Children learn ‘mind tools’ for attention, memory and planning enabling them to become actively and efficiently engaged in their learning.

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Sensory Processing

Teaching children how to more efficiently organise sensory input from their body and their environment for participation and learning.

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