Skills for Kids therapists are registered to provide services to children who receive rebates (i.e. part of the cost is reimbursed by an external agency to the parents) and who receive funding (i.e. all of the cost is paid by an external agency)


Skills for Kids is registered to provide rebates through:

  • Private Health Funds
    Most private health funds provide rebates for assessment and intervention depending on your level of cover. Check with your health fund if your child is eligible for a rebate.
  • Medicare
    • Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)
      for children with chronic or complex difficulties
    • Better Access to Mental Health / Focused Psychological Services (FPS)
      for children with mental health or behavioural difficulties. Using this plan, children can receive occupational therapy for cognitive behavioural therapy including:
      –   attention regulation
      –   relaxation strategies
      –   skills training
      –   problem solving training
      –   anger management
      –   stress management
      –   communication training
      –   social skills training
  • Management Plan for Autism and PDD (PDD)
    for assessment to support diagnosis and subsequent intervention


To receive Medicare rebates, children need to be referred by a doctor. Information about Medicare rebates is available through:



Skills for Kids is registered to provide FUNDING through:

    • NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
      This scheme supports children with a permanent and significant disability which affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) works with families to identify the supports a childs needs to achieve goals in many aspects of their life, including independence, involvement in community, education, health and wellbeing. The NDIS gives parents choice and control over how, when and where supports are provided. It also focuses on early intervention to reduce the long term impact of disability on a child.The NDIS will fund occupational therapy and speech language pathology services for children who meet the criteria. For further informaiton contact: T: 1800 800 110 (8am – 8pm Monday to Friday) or email: or go to the website:

Download the Parent Information Sheet for more information >>


  • FaHCSIA (Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) within
    • Helping Children with Autism Early Intervention Package
      To receive funding, children with autism need a Letter of Introduction from Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT). Information is available through
      Email:  or
    • Better Start for Children with a Disability Package
      To receive funding, children with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, fragile X, moderate vision impairment, moderate hearing impairment, microcephaly or  Prader Willi, Williams, Angelman, Kabuki Make Up, Smith-Magenis, CHARGE, Cornelia de Lange or Cri du Chat syndromes need a referral from a paediatrician or family doctor.  Information is available through
      Tel: 1800 989 530
  • Department of Family and Community Services
  • Insurance Companies