Playground Skills camp


The playground can be an overwhelming experience and being a friend can be tricky for some children.

This camp is for children who lack skills and confidence for participating in group activities with friends in the playground at recess and lunch.

Friendship can be challenging for many reasons. Activities in the playground are often unstructured and not teacher directed. Children need to recognise and respond to subtle cues from other children. Emotions can be difficult to self-regulate.

At camp, children have fun, learn through participation, experience opportunity to practice different and more effective social interactions, and explore strategies for knowing how to:

  • play in the playground
  • make friends
  • keep friends
  • greet others
  • join in
  • have a go
  • follow the rules of a game
  • initiate and engage in conversation
  • be aware of others’ feelings
  • recognise and respond to social cues
  • understand and communicate feelings in safe and calm ways
  • be confident
  • cope with winning and losing
  • problem solve
  • be resilient

The group programme is developed in response to a parent questionnaire which communicates the specific needs of individual children.

Playground Skills camp is available every January, April, July and September school holidays, dependent on sufficient numbers.

Please call us on on 02 4739 0267 if you would like further information.

We are registered to provide rebates through health funds and Medicare. We also deliver services under HCWA, BSI and NDIS.