Kindergarten Language and Preliteracy Camp


This camp is designed to help children currently attending Kindergarten who have difficulty learning language and literacy skills in the areas including but not limited to:

Receptive language

  • Understanding, remembering and following instructions
  • Understanding concepts
  • Understanding categories and making links between words (e.g. Shoes and socks are things we wear on our feet)

Expressive language

  • Using a range of sentence structures
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Telling news

Preliteracy skills

  • Developing book awareness (e.g. using pictures to add meaning)
  • Developing sound awareness (e.g. counting syllables, rhyming)

Social language

  • Basic conversations (greetings/farewells)
  • Using our body to communicate

Please call us on on 02 4739 0267 if you would like further information.

We are registered to provide rebates through health funds and Medicare. We also deliver services under HCWA, BSI and NDIS.