Getting Ready for Kindergarten camp


This camp is designed to assist children in their transition from preschool to school and is for children who are about to start Kindergarten in a mainstream classroom setting. We teach strategies aimed at increasing successful classroom participation in areas including:

  • listening & following instructions
  • colouring
  • drawing
  • cutting and pasting
  • early handwriting, e.g. tracing, writing name
  • managing recess items, e.g. opening packets, containers
  • using greetings and participating in conversations
  • sharing, taking turns and joining in
  • following routines, e.g. putting up hand, lining up


  • 9 – 13 January 2017
  • Monday – Friday  9.00 am – 12.00 pm


  • At a school in the local Area


  • Children who are starting Kindergarten
    in 2017.
  • Children who are ‘at risk’ or vulnerable
    for participation.

How Much?

  • Option 1: $877.75
    • small group activities with a 1 to 3 leader/child ratio or less
    • receiving group and individual verbal feedback
    • written report
  • Option 2: $475  
    • small group activities with a 1 to 4 leader/child ratio or more
    • receiving group verbal feedback

For more information please call Bec Newton on 02 4739 0267

We are registered to provide rebates through health funds and Medicare. We also deliver services under HCWA, BSI and NDIS.

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