Communication and Coordination: Hip Hop Dance


To increase communication

To increase physical coordination

•Following directions
•Creativity: generating ideas, using imagination
•Body awareness and personal space
•Bilateral coordination
•Motor planning
•Rhythm and fluency
•Managing transitions
•Focussed attention
•Recall: remembering movement patterns
•Problem solving and improvising
•Self esteem

This group school holiday programme designed and led by our speech language pathologists and occupational therapists. Our speech language pathologist is also a qualified dancer and dance teacher.

Hip hop is an opportunity for creativity, self expression and freedom of movement.

Second week of the July school holidays. Is your child a bit clumsy and awkward? Does your child have difficulty using language to communicate? We’re bringing together Coordination and Communication in Hip Hop Dance. We’re keen to increase children’s abilities, through hip hop, to follow directions, express themselves, sequence, be body aware and use personal space appropriately, to engage with others as a team member: focussing attention, remembering movement patterns, planning movement with rhythm and fluency. Being creative! This will be an exciting camp, led by one of our clinicians who is also a qualified dancer and dance teacher. Did you know that Dance Sport is going to be the new event in the next Special Olympics?

Please call us on 02 4739 0267 if you would like further information.

We are registered to provide services through NDIS and rebates through health funds.