Adventure Camp – Friendship and Resilience


This fun learning camp is for children Yrs 4 – 6 who have a difficulty with

a. Making and keeping friends

b. Resilience: the ability to “bounce back” or persevere when situations are frustrating, stressful or challenging.

Friendship can be challenging for many reasons. Activities in the playground are often unstructured and not teacher directed. Children need to recognise and respond to subtle cues from other children. Emotions can be difficult to self-regulate. At camp, through fun and challenging experiences, children have opportunity to practice different and more effective social interactions, and explore strategies for knowing how to:

  • be aware of others’ feelings
  • recognise and respond to social cues
  • understand and communicate feelings in safe and calm ways
  • cope with winning and losing
  • problem solve
  • negotiate conflict

Children who experience difficulty with resilience typically:

  • turn small incidents into big problems
  • have difficulty keeping situations in perspective
  • experience anxiety that can prevent them from ‘having a go’ even when they want to
  • avoid new situations
  • refuse to participate when they are pressured or forced into something
  • have difficulty regulating their emotions: For example, they may cry when something unexpected occurs, they may become very angry when they fail and/or they may take a long time to calm down
  • give up when they perceive something to be too challenging

The intensive 2 day programme involves a sleep over at night in pitched tents in our backyard. Children are taught cognitive strategies aimed at helping them to be more flexible, to adapt when needed, to be able to use a range of problem solving options. Strategies are practiced in the context of bushwalking, rock climbing and cooperative boot camp activities. The programme includes a parent workshop prior to the camp.



  • Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 April 2017
  • Tuesday 3 October – Wednesday 4 October 2017
  • 2 days and 1 night



  • Skills for Kids, 30 Rusden Road, Blaxland, 2774



  • Children Yr 4 – Yr 6


How Much?

  • Option 1: $877.75
    • small group activities with a 1 to 3 leader/child ratio or less
    • receiving group and individual verbal feedback
    • written report
  • Option 2: $475  
    • small group activities with a 1 to 4 leader/child ratio or more
    • receiving group verbal feedback


For more information please call Bec Newton on 02 4739 0267

We are registered to provide rebates through health funds and Medicare. We also deliver services under HCWA, BSI and NDIS.


Download the camp flyer here